For Australia's grape and wine sector to maintain its enviable position as a world leader, it relies on valuable and meaningful relationships between producers and their supply partners. These relationships assist to build and maximise opportunities to improve capability and competitiveness in an ever sophisticated and demanding global marketplace. 

WISA initiatives actively support and impact Australian grape and wine producers. These stakeholders can directly benefit from an Associate Membership that provides the platforms to co-create success in partnership with a strongly supported, inclusive, innovative and vibrant grape and wine supply sector.

Associate members receive a range of benefits that can help them to make easier and more meaningful connections delivering opportunities to build capability and competitiveness across their organisation. 

Maximise your profitability and sustainability by harnessing the innovation and power of Australia's grape and wine supply sector.

Associate membership provides your business and all staff the following benefits:

  • Discounts to engage in WISA events and initiatives
  • Support through resources to cultivate your business
  • Support and advice on product and service procurement from suppliers
  • First mover access and advantage to latest innovations and technology
  • Awareness of opportunities to improve capability and competitiveness
  • Education and targeted communications by following our interest groups
  • Promotion of your newsworthy content and events through our communication channels
  • Representation and advocacy in areas that impact your business to industry and government
  • Networking and access to WISA's industry connections and partners
  • Recognition as a committed industry organisation

Here's what industry has to say:

"WISA provides the conduit that brings the supplier and customer together and therefore we see industry engagement with them as a necessity, not a choice." - John Kontrec - Site Manager - Australian Vintage Ltd

"As the Australian wine industry continues to evolve and adapt to ever-changing economic, legislative, social and climatic environments in a profitable and sustainable way, it is crucial that every element of the supply chain has a voice and plays its part." - Tony Battaglene - CEO -Winemaker's Federation of Australia

"We continue to seek and evaluate opportunities to improve our business and acknowledge WISA as a vital organisation to build collaboration between grape and wine producers and the supply sector." - Robert Taddeo - Operations Director - Pernod Ricard Winemakers

To join as an Associate Member:

  1. Select membership plan link
  2. Register (provide us with some basic registration details & confirm user account) or log in to our website
  3. Create your business
  4. Add additional business info/data
  5. Select your membership plan
  6. Pay for membership
  7. Visit My Portal to manage your membership

Watch a short 4-minute video on the process here.

Associate Membership is available for Australian grape and wine producers. The pricing is GST inclusive and is for a 12 month period from application acceptance date. WISA will contact membership owners prior to their anniversary date to renew their membership. Staff employed by the member organisation are entitled to be associated with the membership and all benefits will flow to those staff once they have been accepted by the membership holder. Membership fees are non-refundable. 

Select Your Membership Plan

$330 or 2 dozen wine*

We recognise the challenging forces on wine businesses right now and are here to support you. 

If you'd prefer to provide wine, we can discuss your membership in that way.  *minimum values required in wholesale equivalent and requires contact to Executive Officer to arrange.

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