That Procurement Project!

Improving relationships, costs and revenue through Procurement
That Procurement Project!
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Ashok Menon

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"I have heard of Purchasing, what is Procurement?"
"I have a profit challenge…. addressing my costs and managing my risk will help me meet targets...”
“I don’t have the capability internally, and I don't want a long term resource.. I just want my problem fixed."
“I am done working with consultants and I do not want a big name firm..”

I help business owners and senior executives at small and mid-cap organisations like yourself, leverage best in class procurement capabilities to deliver improvements in costs and revenue through a unique on-demand, plug and play service delivery model.

► Clients come to me when -

❌ They want to improve their profitability and manage their supply risk in the shortest amount of time,
❌ They want predictability and the assurance that the prices they pay suppliers are competitive,
❌ They do not have the capability internally to identify and deliver profit improvement projects, or
❌ They are looking to build capability to manage their buying activity, external spend and build a clear line of sight

Above, all they are “Frustrated” and “Unsure” of how they can rapidly improve their cost base and upskill their people in the short and longer term

► After working with me, my clients -

✅ Have renegotiated their cost base and identified new suppliers to work with going forward
✅ Have competitive price structures and supply base in place as a platform to grow from
✅ Have identified their supply risks identified, new supply options and have plans in place to manage them
✅ Have people with new skills, more equipped and a changed mindset to manage going forward

Most of all, they have more “Confidence” in their business and “Belief” in their team’s ability going forward.

► What my clients have said so far?

“Your team worked with ours to achieve the results and effectively taught them new skills….” (CEO, ASX 200)

"We have seen a big improvement in the way he has progressed, part of that has been the starting point where you guys coached him and gave him the courage to take the next step to challenge suppliers…” (GM Procurement, Public Sector)

“This is an important turning point in the company. In the grand scheme of this year it is one of a tonne of things that will secure growth …what an achievement it is thanks to everyone on your team” (Director of Product Innovation and Sourcing, ASX 200)

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