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JMP Holdings
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Paul Gonzales
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JMP Holdings specialises in the supply of cargo care, retail, industrial and bulk packaging products. We provide a fully global network to service our clients around the world. Much of our product range is centred around the wine industry and we look forward to servicing your needs

Retail Packaging | Paper, Plastic, Enviro & Compostable Bags, Gift Boxes, Tissue Paper, Ribbon

OnlinePackaging | eTail Courier Bags, Packing Boxes, Bubble eTail Courier Bags

Food Packaging | Bioplastic Food Trays, Caterers Foil Trays and Wrap, Baking Paper

Transport & Distribution | Plastic, Cardboard & Compressed Wood Pallets, Slipsheets, Dunnage Bags, Desiccants

Bulk Product Distribution | Thermal Barrier Liners, Bulk Container Liners, Flexitanks

Bamboo Copy Paper | Enviro friendly A4 copypaper made from 100% Bamboo