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About Us

Delivering Precise Analytics 

and Actionable Insights for ​​​Grapes and Berries.


GreenView provides growers with actual count imagery and analysis tools
to guide crop management decisions.


Compare Data Across Your Entire Crop

GreenView allows you to view imagery throughout your entire orchard, with analysis tools identifying areas of concern and guiding you on where to act. By targeting your treatments where they're really needed, you'll save on labour cost, reduce crop loss, and improve the quality of your yield.

Reduce Costs

GreenView helps you perform the right action in the right place at the right time, helping cut costs on labour-intensive activities. You can even halve your fungicide/pesticide usage by applying when and where you need.

Predict What's Coming

With GreenView's holistic view of your crops, you can better plan the actions you need to take, including: predicting harvest dates, sizing your picking crew across the entire growing and pruning seasons, rapidly identifying climate impacts, and monitoring water stress levels during winter.

Improve Your Yield with Accurate Data 

GreenView doesn't just save you time, it brings you better fruit. ​Our solution is designed to let your business obtain the very best results from its fruit quality and yield.