Wine Industry Suppliers Association Incorporated

Rules of Association

The objects of the Association are to advance and promote, by all lawful means at its disposal, the interests of the wine industry and the members of this Association and without limiting the generality of this objective shall encompass the following supplementary functions of endeavour:

  1. maintain a close liaison with all organisations associated with the wine industry, their interests, their members and their undertakings;
  2. initiate, encourage and maintain a spirit of industry fraternity in the membership of the Association and instil that spirit to other organisations with which the Association has contact;
  3. stimulate the means for members to improve their knowledge and professionalism in their chosen vocation and encourage participation in industry educational programs, seminars and conferences;
  4. encourage members to develop within their organisations a high standard of business efficiency and ethics and develop a freedom of exchange between members on technical and managerial business matters
  5. encourage members to become active in industry policy formation and future direction.

For full details of the WISA Association Rules click here