The 2019 Wine Industry IMPACT Awards has had another strong year for nominations cementing it as a highly valuable, robust and worthy competition. This awards initiative is the only one of its type in Australia dedicated to recognising the important relationship between grape and wine producers and their supply sector. This link is critical for Australia's grape and wine community to nurture so as to ensure it maintains a world-leading reputation for innovation and sustainability driving jobs and economic activity.

The 2019 finalists were diverse in their offering and demonstrated a range of solutions from across the value chain to deliver improved capability and competitiveness for Australian grape and wine producers.


  • Grape Growing
  • Winemaking
  • Packaging
  • Engineering
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Tourism
  • Startup
Ocloc by Ocvitti

2019 Bentleys SA Grape Growing Award Winner


Ocvitti Pty Ltd in the research and development of Ocloc tailored vineyard steel trellis systems and supporting products to deliver more profitable and environmentally sustainable outcomes.

2019 Bentleys SA Grape Growing Award Runner Up


Taglog Pty Ltd, which has partnered with Group Logistics Pty Ltd, to create an integrated, real time labour and job management system to better track and manage vineyard operations generating improved production efficiencies.

2019 Winemaking Award Winner


Kauri, which supplies premium oak barrels and a range of organic and vegan friendly yeast and nutrients, along with cleaning and sanitation products, to meet the changing needs of producers and consumers.

2019 Winemaking Award Runner Up

Blue H20 Filtration

Blue H20 Filtration, in association with French oenological product supplier, Lamothe-Abiet, in expanding and applying domestic research and providing technological advances to optimise aromatic qualities of white and rose wines.

2019 Australian Vintage Ltd Packaging Award Winner

Blue H20 Filtration

Blue H2O Filtration has developed a high performance, automated filtration system that improves production line efficiencies, including the option of off-site monitoring using smart phone technology.

2019 Australian Vintage Ltd Packaging Award Runner Up

Wine In A Glass

Wine In A Glass, which has delivered innovative packaging solutions allowing consumers to enjoy single serve wines in elegant, reusable containers that are ideal for venues and situations where glass is not an option.

2019 Engineering Award Winner

Hawk Engineering

Hawk Engineering, in partnership with Domain Chandon in the Yarra Valley and Riverland Heavy Vehicles in Renmark, has developed advanced on-board scale kits for precision measurements of grape harvests with smart phone data recording to assist in logistics efficiency.

2019 Engineering Award Runner Up

Clean Machine

Clean Machine has engineered the Ezylift that makes barrel handling and cleaning an easier, more efficient and safer task for workers while delivering cost-savings for wineries.

2019 MGA Insurance Brokers Distribution & Logistics Winner

WineWorks Australia

WineWorks Australia, a logistics finalist for a fourth consecutive year, has demonstrated continuous improvements in efficiency in the transport, warehousing, repacking, reworking and export processing in partnership with clients seeking competitive advantage.

2019 MGA Insurance Brokers Distribution & Logistics Runner Up

Freight Hub Logistics

Freight Hub Logistics is continuing to demonstrate excellence in personal support of clients to leverage economic synergies from integrated wine and beverage freight and tracking, wine climate warehousing, and post-production services.

2019 Australia's Wine Business Magazine Marketing & Communications Winner

Revel Global

Revel Global has created spectacular new benchmarks in Australia and overseas as a special event promoter of fun wine orientated experiences. It improves connection and brand advocacy between wineries and the people who want to explore and learn about wine.

2019 Australia's Wine Business Magazine Marketing & Communications Runner Up


Denomination is a creative branding design specialist working with a growing profile across the Australian wine landscape to improve sales outcomes through influencing consumer perceptions of quality, relevance, memorability and appeal.

2019 Tourism Award Winner

Fastrak Asian Solutions Wine Tourism Australia

With vision, energy and innovation, and backing from industry professionals, Fastrak Asian Solutions and Wine Tourism Australia have progressed the Growing Wine Tourism education program in conjunction with the Australian Tourism Export Council and supported by Wine Australia to help businesses promote their tourism profile and potential.

2019 Tourism Award Runner Up

Wine Tourism Australia

Wine Tourism Australia has demonstrated a powerful commitment to partnering with industry to elevate the profile and professionalism of businesses offering definitive wine tourism experiences while educating consumers about product diversity and quality in unique settings.

2019 Start Up Award Winner


Taglog has received very positive customer validation of its innovative, digitised work management system that provides accurate and transparent information on vineyard tasks allowing for greater cost efficiencies, goal setting and controls.


2019 Start Up Award Runner Up


After extensive research and testing, vinCreative has developed a novel and unified software management program that helps small to medium producers more effectively target and market products, better understand cellar door preferences and trends, provide new distribution options and enhance customer relationships.