WISA is committed to being an industry inclusive, accessible and innovative organisation. We support a fully integrated and collaborative Australian wine industry that operates using world's best practices to enhance the reputation and desirability of Australian wine in an ever increasing complex and competitive global marketplace. 

WISA outwardly and actively engages across industry.

It works jointly with other key industry bodies, organisations and government. This means WISA has an active voice in setting industry policy and priorities including research. It also means members have access to industry knowledge and requirements.

WISA connects members, improves awareness of challenges and opportunities and facilitates extension of innovation.

WISA works for/with its members to:

  • Overcome industry ‘spread’
  • Create increased product awareness
  • Build connections 
  • Leverage new ideas
  • Understand the customer needs
  • Be relevant and heard
  • Deliver added capability and competitiveness for its members and their customers

We hold representative positions on:

WISA actively engages with a range of industry bodies and across government at National, State and as required Regional level.