Trust in Taste

Break into the Chinese market with Trust in Taste

When Sam Brand (renowned as the founders of Brands Laira) decided they wanted to reach consumers directly in China earlier this year, they took the help of Australia’s ‘Trust in Taste’.  Adelaide based brothers Peter and John Evans have been trading with China for over 20 years and have developed a sampling and communication program for Australian wineries. 

With subscriptions building each month, Sam Brand 2015 Glendale Cabernet Sauvignon was sampled in 60mL bottles sent directly to members.  The QR code links to the WeChat platform with winemaker videos in English, tasting notes in Mandarin and bottle imagery.  This engagement deepens both connection with their brand and builds confidence through trial and education.  A simple click to purchase activates the product, which is exported by Trust in Taste and stored in their China warehouse so it can be delivered next day to the consumers home in single or multiple packs. 

Consumers are asked for their feedback as to how they liked the sample.  The qualitative insight was that 97% liked it, majority liked the body, taste and finish.  With 46% consumers aged 26-30, 20% aged 20-25 and 32% aged 31-35, its proving a popular and approachable introduction to Australian wine for younger drinkers. 

The Sam Brand team’s response was positive and they repeated a few months later with other wines such as Musical Chairs Shiraz and Musical Chairs Moscato.  Ultimately they wanted to know how their wines would be received by consumers and how they could build awareness.  “Our approach to winemaking is to seek out innovation, so why not in sales and marketing activities too?” said Sam. 

China is complex for even samples to trade to get through and with the cost of freight, the Trust in Taste program was a low cost trial and investigation to build on. 

John Evans coordinated all the brand elements in Australia including the video and his team in China translated and created the social media.  They are now offering cellar doors a package to welcome visitors from China with Mandarin brand and tasting notes and the ability to have wine delivered next day in China.  “Why lose potential sales that can’t be carried back when we makes it easier for both the consumer and the cellar door team to communicate?” said John.  Building relationships and trust in taste can offer the opportunity to repeat sales to this consumer in the future and create a Wine Club of your own in China; whether you see the market as a major export destination or an extension of your cellar door sales.   

If you want to get your wine into up to 10,000 Chinese wine consumers mouths and help convey your brand story, contact the team at Trust in Taste. | John Evans 0438 848 057