WISA Management Committee elects new Chair and Deputy.

Media Release

15 December 2022


WISA Management Committee elects new Chair and Deputy.

Wine Industry Suppliers Association Inc. AGM was held yesterday 14th December 2022.  Ratifying the Management Committee elections, seeing retiring and new members change.

At this time, the new executive team of the Management Committee was also agreed.

Changes will see:

·         Tim Stead, Amorim Cork – become Chair of WISA (and Lead of WISA Sustainability Working Group)

·         Liz Schoen, Consulting – become Deputy Chair

·         Amy Bishop, DW Fox Tucket – re-elected to the committee, reinstated as Secretary and Public Officer

·         Nathalie Taquet, eBottli – reinstated as Treasurer

·         Adrian Fiocchini, Seguin Moreau – has been elected to the Management Committee

·         Ron van Buuren, Hydra Consulting – has been elected to the Management Committee

Ongoing members include Eric Wilkes, Affinity Labs/AWRI (also on the WISA Technical Working Group); Steven Scott, Pernod Ricard Winemakers; Daniel Polson, Adama (Lead of the WISA Viticulture Working Group), Robin Shaw, Wine Tourism Australia (Program Manager for the WIIC Wine Industry IMPACT Conference).

Retiring from the committee are Jason Amos, Lallemand and Andrew Kuhndt, Orora Glass.

We thank Jason for his leadership and passion as the Chair of WISA for the past four years, especially navigating Covid-19 and its affect on the association.  In onboarding the new Executive Officer and steering the decision making for the new strategic plan and branding.

We thank Andy for his contribution, advice and support during the period he has volunteered for the Management Committee, and we will continue in our engagement with him and Orora as driving members of the WISA.  Recently winning the Wine Industry IMPACT Award 2022 sponsored by Endeavour Drinks Group for Packaging and Design, Orora continues to innovate in the supply chain.

Tim Stead, new Chair stated “we are stronger through the refreshed enthusiasm and focus of the association and thank our members and those that personally lend their expertise to us in numerous ways.  The collective challenges we face are solved together for the benefit of our customers and our businesses”.

Executive Officer Shirley Fraser added “with the diversity of our WISA members, we were pleased that the Management Committee diversity has resulted in 60:40 gender split with the Executive Team 75:25.  We have 8 corporates and 2 sole traders, and representation across Viticulture, Winemaking, Packaging, Sales, Oak, Technology, Wine Tourism, Research, Engineering and consulting – reflecting the segments and range of topics for us all the be across to assist wine business”. 



WISA Media Contacts:

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