WISA is now seeking next custodian of the Association to champion supply chain

Media Release - 9 December 2022.

WISA elects new committee and is now seeking next custodian of the Association to champion supply chain.

Wine Industry Suppliers Association is seeking the next custodian to become Executive Officer.  Shirley Fraser, current EO will vacate the role in late January 2023 after 20 months.  Moving onto a permanent role as Marketing & Sales Manager, International, for long time consulting client Sorby Adams Wines of the Barossa.

While news of Frasers departure will come as a surprise, Shirley is keen for it to be known that it was not a decision made lightly and while leaving the role as EO, does not intend to leave the association altogether.

“It has been at a whirlwind speed and a tremendously satisfying journey heading up WISA.  I am extremely proud of what we have achieved to bring new life into the association.  I will list off below some of the major activations we have actioned for our members and believe in the whole-of-sector collaboration to be the key for tackling our collective challenges.  It really does take a collegiate spirit.  While I move on, I am always available to connect people and businesses with solutions and each other.  I am dedicated to this and plan to continue in my capacity with the industry in my consulting and volunteer work.  Personally, my role at WISA has been to put my heart in everything we do, in bringing everyone together to reinvigorate and articulate our association value proposition, goals and engagement.  I now will pass onto the next EO to continue the work we have planned for the future”

The Management Committee has recently held elections and see changes to their line up for 2023 with current chair Jason Amos of Lallemand stepping down. 

New committee members will be ratified at next weeks December Management Committee meeting and announced at the AGM following. 

WISA champions wine supply chain

Our pillars are to connect, cultivate, communicate and advocate.  To amplify the voice of supplier businesses and keep abreast of industry issues.

We have done that through

·        the WISA 21st Dinner in 2021

·        Rebranding the association (with our new name Wine Industry Suppliers Association instead of Australia) thanks to Fiona Bavage Design.

·        Reshaping the WISA membership structure and sponsorship prospectus

·        The Winetech exhibition, in partnership with the AWITC and Expertise Events – resulting in the biggest number of exhibitors, delegates and expo attendees on record.

·        Chairing a session at AWITC

·        In our 3 Working Groups now including Technical, Sustainability and Viticulture, engaging the thought leadership and passions of members – working alongside AGW committees, WISPA, SWA, Roadmap workshops and Sustainable Wine Roundtable.

·        The FOMENT program – tech revolution in partnership with Hydra Consulting and Flinders Uni NVI to support start-ups and the future in tech and wine business

·        The Wine Industry Mentor Program (in partnership with ASVO, WCA, Wine Australia and Uni of Adelaide) – seeing WISA members as both mentors and mentees officially take part for the first time, and nurturing key talent

·        Through BDM in visits to Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, and across the regions to engage with members and stakeholders. 

·        Onboarding over 50 new corporate members to the association

·        Co-writing press releases with AGW (who generously host us in their office)

·        Regularly providing content to media and in our digital platforms/socials.  Now with over 4600 LinkedIn followers.

·        Delivering the Impact Conference in Bendigo (Oct 22) in partnership with Global Vic, Wine Victoria, Wine Tourism Australia and our sponsors and exhibitors.  How to Future Proof your Wine Business. 

·        The Wine Industry Impact Awards with over 30 finalists including 7 winners.

·        The Wine Industry Impact Gala Dinner with over 400 attendees.

·        WISA AGM

“I take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their belief and commitment to the association.  To the WISA management committee who backed the strategic plan to reboot WISA.  To our partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and supporters who engaged with us.  And to everyone who met with me over coffee or wine to discuss how the future might look and how we can all play our part in that whatever role we hold in the industry” Fraser said.

The position will be filled over the summer and more announcements will be made at that time to reassure the association will continue with business as usual for our members and the industry.



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