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Launchy, works with you and your team to make sure your winery can manage and convert a continuous flow of qualified leads to paying loyal customers, we will put the systems in place to ensure you maintain & build on your client interaction that is linked to all of the operating systems through the winery, conversion & engagement for long-term sustainable growth, which will ultimately build the direct to consumer sales, repeat buyers and wine club/loyalty membership revenue channels.

A 2021 automation industry award winner, Launchy has been working with and supporting the wine industry with world-class business automation for over 5 years, working with some of the leading winery industry suppliers to keep the industry on the edge of the tech for this space and ensure wineries thrive in an unpredictable economy, no matter what is happening in the world.

It’s time to look beyond in-person communication and inspire your target audiences with content that can move them forward.

Turning a lead into a customer takes a dedicated and personalised approach—interactions across multiple channels, the delivery of engaging content, and a strong sales team or system approach. Trying to have a meaningful impact on the buyer journey while juggling these operations can be a time-intensive task.

By eliminating some of the manual labour that goes into creating strategic marketing campaigns that speak directly to your target audience, at the right time, with the right message, plus, improving your operations and being able to anticipate and respond to customer expectations as the visibility of what is happening throughout the winery is shown in the systems for you to view at any time. As a result then being able to then make informed decisions on what is working, what isn't, and what's next!

Overcome the challenges of the new normal and create exceptional campaigns with the right winery automation tools!

With the global health crisis came an accelerated digital revolution that led to wineries being forced to transform their branding, sales, and marketing efforts.

Launchy helps wineries gain time back in their day and strategically engage with their clients and prospects to scale in a profitable, sustainable way through world-class business automation. Through the use of comprehensive, flexible, and reliable business automation solutions, you will gain the ultimate leverage on all of the business functions throughout the winery.

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