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ENOLOGICA VASON: study, research and performance.

Enologica Vason Spa is a family-run company, which is part of VASONGROUP.

The company is specialised in the selection of raw materials and the formulation of products intended for specific oenological use and the beverage industry: biotechnologies, adjuvants, traditional and allergen-free clarifying agents, stabilisers and natural preservatives.

Enologica Vason offers services that are able to rapidly respond to the needs of companies in the beverage industry. Regular exchange with them allows the acquisition of new knowledge and the strengthening of our already valuable professional expertise. The company’s expertise in various specific fields allows us to offer an integrated service to every single customer throughout the whole production process: research, chemical and microbiological analysis, custom-made applications, support network, real-time monitoring carried out by skilled technicians and laboratory tests aimed at the optimisation of industrial processes.

A company synonymous with professionalism that has customer satisfaction as the guiding principle of its business and which not only wants to win customers’ trust, but more importantly maintain it in the long term.

In over 50 years of business, Enologica Vason has traced the path from corrective winemaking to expressive winemaking, passing through precise winemaking. The holder of numerous trademarks and patents for being the first company in the winemaking world to investigate the world of the infinitely small inventing a new approach: molecular winemaking.