Precision-fermentation platform providing real-time analysis and biological vision, with predictive intelligence for winemakers. No more manual sampling!
Dunedin, Otago
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New Zealand

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For some wineries, it takes 36 hours to produce data about actions that should have been taken 36 hours ago. This can be costly and, in some cases, dangerous.

By leveraging the most universally accurate sensor on the market, deliver real-time insights through our data intelligent infrastructure and platform.

Winely’s automation capabilities free up time, space, costs, and manpower associated with the rote tasks of wine making. Thereby allowing winemakers to enhance their creativity and be more in control of their craft while optimizing their winemaking abilities.

Winely deepens the connection between the winemaker and the wine by helping them unlock and understand the true depth of their vintages via real-time, deep learning-based data collection and analysis.

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