WISA Technical Working Group - Dec 22: investigating, navigating and advocating for members

WISA Technical Working Group meets every 3 months to discuss, unpack and respond to industry and market forces for technical winemaking.

Winemaking is the core function of the wine industry so its important that suppliers and their winemaking clients are across all the developments of the sector.  Our WISA Technical Working Group meets 4 times a year and is on hand to have a deep dive into technical developments, legislation changes and market demands.


Much is in progress and continues to be as developments unfold.  


Meet the Technical Working Group - Tilly Bowden, Enartis | Jason Amos, Lallemand | Adam Daniels, Vincru EE Muir | Eric Wilkes, Affinity Labs AWRI | Paul Bowyer, BHF Technologies | Justine Prior, Dorreau | Pierluigi Clemente, Vason | Amanda Tanga, CHR Hansen.  Why is this important?  Aren't they competitors?


  • Global companies have access to information both internally and externally; dealing with international shipping and supply chains, understand vintage variation across Australia and northern/southern hemisphere countries.
  • Collective response to legislation changes - clean labelling, EU Mandates, BMSB, Biosecurity, winemaking innovations, ingredients, stylistic changes, market readiness. 
  • Connects with Oenoppia (France) and WISE/EOS (USA)
  • Aligns with WITCA (AGW)
  • Provides guidance for topics arising and collective problem solving
  • Members are across research, inputs - biological and non-biological, equipment & engineering, oak, tech and automation.
  • Committee members must be members of WISA
  • Demonstrates commitment to industry leadership and collegiate collaboration.

Learn more with the minutes below and if you have questions for the Working Group, contact lead Tilly Bowden of Enartis tilly.bowden@enartis.com or eo@wisa.org.au


Meetings for 2023 for the Technical Working Group will be online on Teams at 9.30am ACDT/ACST

February 21st, May 23rd, August 22nd and November 21st. 

This is aligned to meet following the AGW WITAC meetings.


Preparing for Vintage 2023 is in full swing.  The best advice is to talk to your suppliers to forecast what base inputs and support you may need, additional concerns for challenges in wet conditions or late/congested timing, recovery work and adapting to constraints in access to staff or storage, payment plans and new product innovations.  After the 2022 shipping issues, most suppliers have brought in materials earlier to ensure they have floor stocks so speaking to your supplier reps will alleviate your concerns.